Accounting data entry

Do you need to enter your clients’ accounting data within your company, while carrying out other actions closer to your core business? We suggest that you assign your accounting entries to your independent data entry assistant: SaisieComptable (the Accounting data entry service).

The entry of your accounting elements with SaisieComptable (the Accounting data entry service) adapts to your needs and your pace, relieving you of the burden of data entry.

Scanning of purchase invoices, sales invoices, extracts, other invoices and dispatches
Data entry within the deadlines
Collection and filing of the accounting documents received
Management of accounting elements and validation of entries
Direct processing on your accounting software (Sage, Odoo, Winbooks, etc.) or any other accounting program
Lettering and justification of third party accounts, tallying and justification of general accounts
For remote intervention, ensuring continuity of service, SaisieComptable (Accounting data entry service) offers you appropriate expertise at all times.

our strengths

The notion of security is an indisputable concept in the execution of our missions, as we are aware of the sensitive nature of the data collected, SaisieComptable (The Accounting data entry service) service certifies that its services are provided under the seal of security and confidentiality.
confidentiality 95%
Security 90%
Availability 100%
Extensibility 85%
Professionalism 90%

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